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provenir | prō-vĕ-ˈnēr

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Our company was created with a focus on healthcare and has remained the prime source for all healthcare hiring needs. We understand that superior patient care originates from having high-caliber, compassionate professionals on your team. We have the experience and the expertise to deliver.

What Our Clients Say


As one of the largest Texas-based medical groups with clinic operations in South and West Texas and Florida, WellMed Medical Group has used The Source Engine by Provenir to source, recruit, interview and identify over 80 healthcare providers for our clinical operations in all our markets. Provenir has become an extension to our Medical Group recruiting for primary care and cardiology. They have been instrumental in maintaining our group visibility in all our markets. Provenir has made it possible for WellMed Medical Group to grow exponentially in the last 4 years. They have been, and continue to be, a valuable resource for our past, current and future recruiting needs.


Carlos O. Hernandez, MD

President, WellMed Medical Group, P.A
WellMed Medical Management, Inc.

Provenir is a valuable resource!



As an established institution opening our first center in the US, we were looking for an agency that would assist us in identifying and hiring high quality staff. We wanted to partner with an agency that understood our mission and philosophy. For us, it was of the utmost importance to find the right people that would fit in perfectly with what we are all about. We identified Provenir as the ideal organization to partner with given their experience and expertise in the health care sector. Provenir’s personnel understood our mission and philosophy and presented great candidates for the positions we asked them to find. The challenges of identifying people with the right qualifications were not an issue for them. They worked so seamlessly with us to the extent that we felt they were an extension of our Human Resources department.

They assisted us in establishing salary ranges for all staff as well as conducting national searches for the people we were looking for. Provenir staff was always available and open for discussions, corrections and decisions. Their communication and feedback is a great asset. Their knowledge and experience helped us to get the best physicians and professional personnel. Provenir will always be remembered as a founder with TeletonUSA, assisting us in starting this great project for children with disabilities in the US starting in San Antonio, TX.

Provenir has been a fantastic partner for CRITUSA.

Ricardo Guzman Hefferan
Chief Executive Officer
Children’s Rehabilitation Institute of TeletonUSA – CRITUSA

Provenir has been a fantastic partner!



Provenir has been a wonderful hiring partner. In order to create a profile, Provenir asked questions that identified the type of employees we needed. They were willing to adjust the profile as needed to ensure we saw the right candidates. Customer service was far above the norm connecting through phone calls, emails and weekly visits. The weekly meetings were informative, allowed us to ask clarifying questions and to review the pipeline. Another great option is the Lunch & Learn, offered at the Provenir location, which support Human Resource personnel.


Sheree Allstrom
Human Resource Manager
Acuity Hospital of South Texas

Provenir has been a wonderful hiring partner!

Acuity Hospital of South Texas


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